Crispy, crunchy, appetizing, grilled & I can’t hold anymore!!!

In a fast-paced world, we are incredibly busy, hardly find time in the kitchen. Though many foodies love cooking, yet with the rise of cloud kitchen- one touch food delivery has become the new normal. Choosing from a wide variety of delicious appetizers on trendy apps & tasting from various takeaway points & food courts are the places to escape & excuses to savor.

Today’s chefs have become too crafty; we never bother until their servings, tingle our taste buds. But, other than the feel-good sensation- is there anything to bother, or is it? The food that we eat has a major effect on our consciousness, other than the body & the mind. How is it?

Think- if you filled kerosene into your diesel car, what would happen? Not only the car would break down, but your long drive would also come to a screeching halt.

Put simply; the food we eat, can we just gulp it down the throat! Just because, it delights our taste buds.

Really, we need second thoughts on this. Distinctly, the Gita outlines the various nuances about foods. How the intake of certain kinds of food etches a certain kind of impression on our consciousness & our thought pattern.

Quoting German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, “We are what we eat”.

In brief, food that is fresh, juicy & wholesome; builds virtue within us. Food that is spicy, soury, & too hot; builds dis-ease within us. And finally, the food which is stale, decomposed & dead in nature awakens; the sub-human nature within us (BG 17.8–10).

As sapient beings at the core; the food that we feed on, shouldn’t it be befitting our nature? And ever thought of: that food can be made sacred & divine? Oh, yes.

For starters, it’s worth experimenting with this wisdom quote. “A fruit, a leaf, a flower, and a little water when offered to the divine; with a heart filled with gratitude in devotion, is sanctified by the divine (BG 9.26).” This food, not only nourishes the body but also satiates us being integral parts of the divine.

So, next time when you see an enticing ad saying, “You chill, we grill”, or a “50% discount Offer”-Hold on!

Let’s reflect:

· How food affects your consciousness?

· Given a wide range of cuisines to dine in, how would you decide?

· As conscionable beings, how can you sanctify the food?

Now you know, the wisdom behind foods; you might prefer preparing, than ordering, and prefer offering to the divine: before dinning.

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